Aaron Ledohowski

Photo of Aaron Ledohowski General Manager Contact

Kayla Ledohowski-Becker

Photo of Kayla Ledohowski-Becker General Manager Contact

Arthur Zhang

Photo of Arthur Zhang Sales Manager Contact

Brent Buffie

Photo of Brent Buffie Used Sales Manager Contact

Darren Miller

Photo of Darren Miller Parts Manager Contact

Karl Roberts

Photo of Karl Roberts Fixed Operations Manager Contact

Roxanne Hiebert

Photo of Roxanne Hiebert Assistant Service Manager Contact

Sales Department

Chris Wiesner

Photo of Chris Wiesner Product Advisor Contact

Cory Shier

Photo of Cory Shier Product Advisor Contact

Iruobe Asueimen

Photo of Iruobe Asueimen Product Advisor Contact

Tianyi (Max) Chen

Photo of Tianyi (Max) Chen Product Advisor Contact

Financial Services

James Kort

Photo of James Kort Financial Services Manager Contact

Administration and Support

Inga Johnson

Photo of Inga Johnson Warranty Administrator Contact

Ralph Oliveros

Photo of Ralph Oliveros Dealership Administrator Contact

Ryan Leech

Photo of Ryan Leech Marketing Coordinator Contact

Lot Attendants and Detailers

Colin Pimlott

Photo of Colin Pimlott Service Detailer

Em Jones

Photo of Em Jones Service Detailer

Jean Dominic Pascua

Photo of Jean Dominic Pascua Sales Detailer

Jeremy Magas

Photo of Jeremy Magas Sales Lot Attendant

Jordyn Feys

Photo of Jordyn Feys Service Detailer

Kristina Lavergne

Photo of Kristina Lavergne Service Detailer

Shad Galanto

Photo of Shad Galanto Service Detailer

Toran Pillay

Photo of Toran Pillay Sales Detailer

Service Department

Sarah Witiuk

Photo of Sarah Witiuk Service Consultant Contact

Warren Naidoo

Photo of Warren Naidoo Service Consultant Contact

Steve Francisco

Photo of Steve Francisco Shop Foreman

Drayke Gray

Photo of Drayke Gray Technician, Apprentice Level 2

Hasitha Udage Kankanamge

Photo of Hasitha Udage Kankanamge Technician, Licensed Red Seal

Igor Storozhnychenko

Photo of Igor Storozhnychenko Technician, General

Jordan Kihn

Photo of Jordan Kihn Technician, Apprentice Level 4

Klayton Kalynuik

Photo of Klayton Kalynuik Technician, Licensed Red Seal

Steve Chesters

Photo of Steve Chesters Technician, General

Parts Department

Andrew Butler

Photo of Andrew Butler Parts Consultant Contact

Darwin Ocana

Photo of Darwin Ocana Parts Consultant Contact

Jason Ludwig

Photo of Jason Ludwig Parts Shipper/Receiver Contact